Tuesday, December 15, 2009


You reminded me of pain
a kind of hurt
from the past,altered trust
a resemblance of my mishap
a wound,an unwanted recap
or potential for a possiblity of one
two or three.....okay im DONE

Scratch you off okay you're gone
of course you didn't last why would you?
the alliance that was structured was untrue
because after I dissolved the facad
I saw you for what you really are in a different hue
the uncertainities should have warned me
but I embraced your promises instead of reality
once bitten twice shy for the wise
how foolish of me believe another mouth full of lies

You reminded me of Him
a kind of hurt
and after him,was you my last resort
your kiss was the sweetest bitterness
and your touch was the roughest caress
and Everytime I loved you I loved myself
----a little more less

so at this point I guess its okay to feel numb
because then I can exscape the sting of the burn
at the bar I flick off the last of my ciggarette
and reject yet another potential regret
two or three more attempt then I told the last one
..............I was DONE

guess he didnt hear me apparently
because he asked that I speak a little more clearly
I looked in his eyes momentarily
and I see the same thing
I saw in yours and the one before you
A mockery of my desire
handsome face with no depth
just another beautiful liar
I spoke again this time a little bit louder
IM DONE with men that is,I'm DONE
& with that I grabbed my coat & was gone

yesterday's confessions

promised he was gonna bring a sudden reaction
wanted to see me wearing nothing
but a certain facial expression
laughed to myself as I looked him over
even before the present ordeal
kinda figured he was a freak
undercover then he got to pulling on my skirt
as I helped in taking off his polo shirt
his tongue on my neck,hands on my hips
fingers circulating the lining of my lips
he put his hands on my mouth as i got
ready to speak
& asked that I stroked his most treasured gift
which was pleasantly long and thick
he whispered in my ear
if i wanted him to go down there
my body language answered then he proceeded to feast
suppressed a moan as I gritted my teeth
eyes rolled up I went away to space
woke up to hear him say he loved the way I taste
he buried his face in and went even farther
and didnt stop till he extracted my nectar

Our Little Secret

She is beautiful and beyond it
her slant eyes,a temptress,but I choose to forfeit
She is so deep,everything about her sometimes I even felt her in my sleep
"What if my soulmate was another woman" I quote you
....those words so true
The love we have like nothing I can explain
such a shame that it cannot remain
but indulging any further my love would take my soul three steps further from redemption
her slant eyes,a temptress but I choose to resist the temptation
Friends we claimed,being only friends we tried
but any platonic friendship between us died
a long time ago and so to leave is my only resolve
the only way I can stop from getting involved
my love...be strong
maybe in another life our love would be no wrong
but for now the thought alone is SINFUL
A Sin FULL of consequence
and yeah I know it doesn't make sense
for they say "love" should be between Man and Wife
but its so ironic isn't it? this life
because the men we're supposed to reserve it all for
don't even know what to do with us anymore
You watched them hurt me as I watched them hurt you
And no one believed when we said we were through
I laugh because because if only they knew
...funny how we both would have to marry one,one day
they'd try to look in our eyes and we'd look away
when he'd try to hold me close or pluck me a rose
I'd wonder if he knows how much I really hate those
the wholetime I'd be thinking who was doing the same for you
whose IDIOTIC last name you would have to answer to
when we sleep beside them at night and watch them drool
cursing Hell's name for having to marry these fools
after the traditional lovemaking I'd stare at the celing
visualizing what we could have been
if this thing wasn't such a sin
but even with all these I still choose to forfeit
and though your BEAUTIFULL and the only one I ever loved
I gotta look beyond it

Thursday, September 17, 2009

....Foolish pride

Dear Diary,
We all love the summer don't we?The casual Flings..switching scenes.I had plans to hit up Vegas this year till Tari convinced me to do something constructive this year and stay on campus with her and knock a few classes out the way.The girl was always making some sense everytime she opened her moth and thats why I love her.Time waits no for man and I'm really tryna get school out the way so babes can start making some real guap and get it on and popping ya feel me?You know every summer provides events that may be life changing...you know one of those you look back at five years later and Know that was your Turning Point?Well..summer 09 was one of them,I know its been a while since I last wrote..but Forgiveness I ask Babies.Well I have to say that this summer brought out a part of me that I never even knew existed.....while I was shopping for shorts and flirty summer dresses...should have known I needed freaking padlock to keep my legs closed....and and ladies and lads...I just may never be the same again.
....................You ready?
I'd call our man Suave cause thats exactly what he is...My very own Nigerian Chuck Bass.Ole boy was packing...ya feel me...6'3 ft of sexiness..deep eyes that looked like they kept a million secrets,under thick brows..his lips..uhmm Lordie lord.The man's lips were solely there for the art of kissing...his teeth were so perfect..they almost looked fake..his skin made me wanna throw away all my cleansers ...he was just perfect!
only one little problem:The man was taken.
ughhhhhh would it ever end..I'm talking about my ill-luck with men!!I was tired of it all and this time...I was not going to let this one slip off my manicured fingers...lai lai..I die!
Its not as if..if the tables were turned..the babe would say "Oh seems like the perfect man for me but I know he has some gf called Samantha and I'm sure she must be a darling..so I'd just ran along and let him be"....yup..my point exactly.
So I went for it..My bestfriend and I call it "point and kill"..I'm sure you fish lovers are familiar with it.I met Suave in the cafteria and as soon as he made his way to the table where I was seated I knew it was do or die.Tari and I were devouring the last bit of our club sandwiches.It had only been a week and Summer school was kicking major ass.We just got out of a 4 hour class and hunger had damn near killed us.Kunle was talking on his phone to whoever Miss March was.Btw I should tell you...Kunle and I almost hit it off two years ago...till he tried to hit on Tari behind my back.He must have thought I would have gone upside his head when I found out.But he was a dog and that's what dogs did...soI brushed it off and we all ended up being real cool afterwards.Men make better friends anyway and it didn't hurt that he had every hook up known to man.From VIP passes to car navigators.Kunle was just that dude!
Back to the story..I know I'm so easily distarcted...-->Suave walked in and the first thing I nocticed was his structure...he looked like he'd look like a million and one dollars in a suit cause he had just the body for it,then he did it.He smiled and I swear I felt smaller in my seat.Kunle caught sight of him and motioned for him to come over our table...they both dapped each other up like old friends and I Tari gave me a this-should-be-intresting-look..I winked at her cause she read my mind.Kunle took the liberty of introducing as all and when us was time to shake hands...he held mine a little longer...I try to remain calm even though it felt like chills all over

Monday, August 3, 2009

We Fuck You - Electrik Red
Okay so I created this blog a year ago...I have been so lazy but not to worry I am back and ready to do this for real this time...Let me introduce you to myself...My name is Samantha Ejiogu..100% Nigeria baybee and I represent at any given day.I am based in Maryland but I do have a huge appetite for life and so I moved around a lot..i.e Cali[my birthplace]...and I'm in houston for a few.I am 19 years and still standing and I shall update my blog a luttle bit more before I proceed...trust me...your gonna love me!